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Natural Specifics of Cambodia

Natural Specifics of CambodiaThe Country Overview

Cambodia is located in the eastern part of Asian and down to the south and the total area of the country is equal to 181 thousand square kilometers. From the west and north-west for 803 kilometers the kingdom of Cambodia is bordered by Thailand to the north it borders with Laos (border length is about 541 km.) In the east it borders with Vietnam (the boundary length is 1,228 km.), from the south-west it is washed by the Gulf of Siam . More than 80% of the territory of Cambodia is located in the valley of Lake Tonle Sap and Mekong rivers. Only in the south there are mountains called Kravan or Cardamom mountains that separate the large area off the coast of the Kingdom of Siam Gulf. The eastern side of the mountains is characterized by mountain range Damra (ElephantMountains). Highest peak of the kingdom is the mountain Pnomaural (that reaches the altitude of 1813 meters).   

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Interesting facts about Cambodia

Interesting facts about CambodiaCambodia is a country that is new to tourists, and of course as people do not know a lot about the place, there are already many stereotypes about it and its people. Therefore we decided to bring you the list of the interesting facts about Cambodia that can help you as a tourist or just as an explorer of this magnificent and greatly historic country.

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Find out the Best Methods of travel in Cambodia

If you are going to visit Southeast Asia for the first time, you may think that the hardest thing is the hotel reservation and tickets purchase but not the choice of the most suitable methods of travel in Cambodia. Of course, it is not easy to find the cheapest offer and to save a lot of money but more needed to be done. Nevertheless, here in this country, you can be faced with many surprises connected with the internal movement. This can happen due to the huge difference between the local transportation and our livelihoods. And that’s exactly what will be told and compared in this article.

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