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Diving in Cambodia – 2nd Part

Diving in Cambodia – 2nd PartThe first part regarding diving in Cambodia you can read here.

Diving in Rocky Bay

Wild life: This is a closed place, ideal for a more careful and closer look at the variety of corals and fish. Because the maximum depth of the place is about 10 meters, you can get a great long dive. It's a perfect place to watch the wild water life with many sea swallows or as they are also called blue dragons, crustaceans and young flocks of fish. 

Diving in Nudibranch Heaven

Wild life: It is not surprising that at this site you can see a lot of different kinds of nudibranchs. As on the majority of the Cambodian islands here you can have a very shallow dive, the reef gradually decreases from the coast to a maximum depth of 10 meters. This place is a home for a variety of cuttlefish and puffer fish, you can also meet here a number of moray eels and also watch the very unusual and amazingly fast movement of small octopuses, which will eagerly play hide and seek with you. Also quite often you can find several types of rays here, as well as a bevy of damsel fish and already common for these waters parrotfish.

Diving in Sponge Garden

Diving in Cambodia – 2nd PartWild life:This site is named after a large number of barrel sponges inhabitants in the waters. From the first couple of steps you can already see them clinging to the reef. Between the sponges can be found also the scorpionfish and more rare lionfish, a let’s also not forget about a lot of shrimps and crabs. The reef goes to a depth of 10 meters near the beach, and then the depth increase to up to 17 meters. The divers can also met here some cobias sharks and barracudas. Flocks of yellow goat fish and parrot fish are sometimes so dense and courageously keeping to their place despite the approach of the human, and thus they look like a huge living wall covering the reef.


Diving in Two Tone Garden

Wild life: As the name suggests, this place is a two completely different in the wild life and diving experience dive site. First one is located closer to the shore; it is a reef at a depth of 12 meters with lots of coral formations and a variety of fish. If you go with the flow along the reef it will become smaller and will present a vast field of pink anemones and corals, whip corals, usually with amazing clarity of the waters. It's also a great night diving place where you can see the blue spotted stingrays, scorpionfish, and a host of marine worms and crustaceans. 

Diving in Victoria's Secret Garden

Wild life: It is a well hidden place that is easy to miss. But if you are a true diving lover, you should for sure try to find this place. The Victoria’s Secret Garden is in fact a narrow strip along the reef at a depth of 10 meters. This place is perfect for a drift dive, because of the medium current always present here. But the place is unique because of the great abundance of soft corals and other marine life, that is unique from all the other present in the islands of Cambodia. The experience from diving at this place is unique and hard to be described with words. It is like a quick snap-shot at the untouched wild water life, with the hundreds of different fish species and corrals.

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