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Cambodian Souvenirs - Antiques, Wooden carvings, Bass idols, Jewelry

Cambodian SouvenirsOne of the most magnificent and magic places in Asia is without doubt Cambodia. Therefore, people who are heading to this place already should know that nothing can be compared to the beauties of Cambodia. However, as every tourist, people who visit Cambodia are greatly interested in remembering what they have met and also in sharing their impression with the family and friends and what will help them in that? Of course the souvenirs. 

It is better to divide souvenirs that can be bought in Cambodia into few categories, so that people going to the shopping tours in this country and its cities would know what to focus on:

  • Cambodian antiques;
  • Special wooden carvings;
  • Unique masks made of papier-mache;
  • One of a kind Cambodian Brass idols;
  • Marvelous jewelry made of gold, silver and precious stones.

In particular we will talk about each of these types, but no matter what you will choose – everything will become a special thing in your house to remind of this beautiful country or a very unique and brilliant present for the friend.

Cambodian antiques

Antiques can be found in the major Cambodian touristic cities, however, people should be careful, because the price for them can be sometimes unreasonably high. However, you can always try to make a bargain with the seller, because this is the culture of Cambodia. At the same time, those antiques are one of a kind and very rare, therefore, they are worth the big money to spend, because they are the real holders of the Cambodian spirit.

Cambodian SouvenirsWooden carvings and papier-mache

While traveling through the local villages and places, visitors can often see special wooden carvings and different things made from papier-mache. Most of the time, those are masks, because they are the symbols of this country. It is a local tradition, to have many masks made out of the natural materials, because they all are believed to be the protectors of different evil words, people and not wanted guests. That is why, it is better to ask which mask brings protection to what before buying it. All in all they are very helpful, because natural materials bring the ancient spirits to work on the benefit of the owner of the mask.

Cambodian Bass idols

Cambodian Bass idols are the idols which can be met only in this country, therefore do not believe other traders. As with the masks, idols also have different influence and different magic that they contain, do not buy them solely on the way they look, but study carefully their description. The seller will be more them willing to give you a hand in this question, because they know all the details as all the local people do. Also do not buy a lot of idols, because they have a sense of competition and also some of the idols cannot be paired, therefore also keep an eye on that information, but still, the sellers will tell you everything and they are not that greedy trying to sell all their staff, they are rather expressing compassion to people trusting them in this question.   


Gold and silver are of a very high quality in Cambodia, also jewelry is made with the special Cambodian ornaments, that will make every owner look good and special. Therefore, the tours which offer such special places are very profitable, because you will be provided with the sellers that speaks English and thus communication and buying process will go on mutually beneficial base.

As you understand, in Cambodia you will find many nice hand-made souvenirs. But this country is not a right place to buy modern devices like personal portable fans, laptops or compact flat irons.

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