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Cambodian Sihanoukville

Cambodian SihanoukvilleSihanoukville or as often named by the local inhabitants Kampong Som, is not the other historic place of Cambodia, which can truly stun with its great structures and temples, today we are going to talk about the leisure side of Cambodia as we should not forget that Cambodia is also a place of great beaches. Sihanoukville is the name of the port city and is also a common name for the number of fantastic beaches covered with white fine and soft sand, its gorgeous virgin solo-standing islands, some of which are buried in the green tropical jungle, the most picturesque sunsets of the world and cool breezes at sunrise. 

History of Sihanoukville

The history of Sihanoukville begins in 1950, when it became a popular port city of the area. Now it is already the main deep-water port of Cambodia. Except to its beaches, the whole Cambodia is thankfull to this city as exactly from this place go fast boats to the border with Thailand. It should be noted that every year Sihanoukville is becoming more popular among foreign tourists as well as among the local elite, who like to spend the weekend at the calm and warm waters of the Kampong Som.

Bamboo Island

Cambodian SihanoukvilleOne of the main attractions of this place are the solemnly standing islands in the waters. The first that should be mentioned is the BambooIsland - the perfect place if you want to keep your privacy while enjoying the sun and cool breeze. The island is located 25-30 km from Sihanoukville. One can travel to it by motor boat. The most common journey to the island takes about 1.5 hours. Despite the length of the path, the road to the island does not seem too long and tedious, as it lies among the other very picturesque islands. What is interesting about the Bamboo Island? It is interesting, first of all, because the surrounding blue lagoon and a series of small bungalows, the verandas of which come right to the beach, covered with soft white sand. You can rent a bungalow on the island and spend a few romantic days and nights. Interior of the bungalow is very simple and nice, typical for this area, all architected in the tropical style. Toilet and shower for all the tourists here are common and are located in a separate house. Also on the island there is a great restaurant decorated in the continental style. This restaurant also serves European cuisine with a vast selection of fresh seafood. Dinner for one person without alcoholic drinks will cost you about $4 or $5. The rent of the motor boat for the two-end trip (Bamboo Island - Sihanoukville) will cost you about $ 8. In such a way we can already see that it is a very small amount of money for such a great and relaxing experience. 


Koh Khtea and Koh Ta Kiev Islands

Talking about great islands in the Sihanoukville we should not forget about the great twin islands with the names Koh Khtea Island and Koh Ta Kiev Island. As it was said earlier, the gulf of Sihanoukville is surrounded with the picturesque islands. Of course, each of them is in its own way beautiful and interesting, but Koh Khtea Island and Koh Ta Kiev Island are renowned for its excellent scuba diving and snorkeling. Therefore all the lovers of the active vacation will also find this place very interesting and worthwhile. In such a way be sure that Cambodia can share all the versatile sides of its nature and wonders, which will be enjoyed and interesting to even most picky tourists.

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