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Bengmealea Temple

Bengmealea Temple

Basic Facts about Bengmealea Temple

·         Hindu Temple

·         Construction Style similar to Angkor Wat

·         Main material – sandstone

·         Built in the 12th century

·         By the order of king Suryavarman II

·         One of the Khmer’s Empire largest temples    

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The Temple of Ta Prohm

The Temple of Ta ProhmCambodia as it is depicted now dates back to 612 years. The most famous symbol of the old Cambodia, wild and free is a monument complex of Angkor Wat, but besides it the country is rich with many interesting places. Clean and vast beaches of Sihanoukville and unique temples and places, picturesque nature, old and natural open-air museums and religious places - all this is a bright variety of attractions that Cambodia offers to its visitors as a good reason to visit Cambodia

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