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LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

People used to bring the water with them on a trip. But is it convenient to carry many liters of liquid while camping or hiking? Your bag is heavy enough even without any water, so it would be great to know how to rustle up it on the ground. However, spring water contains malicious bacteria and protozoa. That is the main reason why you need the pocket water filter to clean it up.


LifeStraw personal water filter represents a compact device which is able to remove almost all the micro-organisms. This little thing has become a great helper for many people since it had been introduced in 2005. LifeStraw won a few awards confirming its high-grade quality and it is best mini water purifier on the market.

The advantages of the filter:

  • Fits in a little bag;
  • Kills 99% of bacteria and protozoa;
  • Gives an opportunity to drink directly from the source: you don’t need to wait for filter to purify the water;
  • Removes objectionable tastes and odors;
  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals which can harm the human’s health;
  • Corresponds to the EPA standards;
  • Simple construction – filter have no removable parts.

How It Works

LifeStraw personal water filter do its job so good because of hollow fiber membrane that is stopping the particles up to 0.2 microns during the purification process.  You can use it simply by inserting into the water source and sipping liquid through the mouthpiece.

Technical Features

  1. You can purify up to 1000 liters using this filter;
  2. Manufacturer claims that Lifestraw is able to remove 99.9999% bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa, that is why you minimize your risk to get infected;
  3. Kit includes  0.2 microns hollow fiber membrane filter and sealed bag for storing the device;
  4.  Weighs only 54 grams (2 oz.); that is making Lifestraw very convenient for the camping trip;
  5. Flow rate is 1.7 liters (57 oz) per one minute;

Real Customer’s Opinion

People call LifeStraw the smallest life saver ever. You can compare its size with other filters in this portable water filter review. Many of them are totally satisfied with products dimensions and price in conjunction with provided options. Nevertheless, feedback on its lifespan varies: some customers assure others that this filter is able to work up to 1 year another say that it breaks down rapidly. One consumer advised purchasing paper coffee filters for better device protection.

The most reportable weaknesses are difficulties with sipping. It is extremely hard to get the water from the device and you need to learn before you can do it well.

If put it in the nutshell, LifeStraw is a great decision for short camping trips thanks to its size and affordable price. However, it would be better to buy a more advanced device for long survival trials.

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