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Reasons to Visit Cambodia

Reasons to Visit Cambodia

Reason 1. Quiet and relaxing place

Cambodia, unlike other tourist countries is not flooded with very noise and young tourists like the neighboring Thailand. Though from the other side, you will be able to see lots of tourists from South Korea and China. Even the names of the shops and streets are often duplicated in those languages. Because of the mass exportation of local girls abroad, with a goal to sell them to brothels, the territory of Cambodia has banned the entry to the country for Turks and Arabs, as well as the restriction was made for South Korean tourists. 

Reason 2. Amazing temple structures

The most popular place among tourists is the temple complex Angkor Wat. Almost everyone who has visited this country will say that of all the attractions that they have visited this temple has been the most remarkable and memorable. It's definitely good reason to visit Cambodia.

Reason 3. Safe touristic place

Do not believe anyone that this is a life-threatening country and the people here are walking the streets with guns, organize riots, and all over the country reigns the rampant poverty. It is all in the past.

Reasons to Visit Cambodia

Reason 4. Interesting local peculiarities

Khmer people do not like luxury homes. They usually live in a small shack with a satellite TV, a huge plasma on the wall and a Mercedes near this very shack. Having a car for them means everything! They may not have their own home, but the personal transportation mean they must have. The bigger car you have, the greater the advantage on the road. All riders of the motorcycles and drivers of smaller cars will move aside, letting the bigger car to pass by, even though the road rules may even forbid this. The rules of the road are not that important here; most often a person can be fined only for driving without helmet. And even in this case, you will receive fine and in addition a piece of paper that says that you cannot be fined anymore for today.

Getting an education is not something local people strive for. Parents can make a child even to quit the school if he learned even he needs for living. Though, this is more an extreme case. Children who have graduated from the school have a good education and know several foreign languages. Here, it is in complete order of things to meet Khmers who are fluent in English or French. Locals love money very much, and this rule embraces everyone, from small children who are constantly begging on the streets and to adult Khmers. Tipping is very common and is expected to be given to everyone - taxi drivers, waiters, bartenders, tour guides, etc. To help you do this, all the banks can change the currency to smaller denominations.    

Reason 5. Luxury hotels

Even though small hotels located on the water in Cambodia are an interesting experience for foreigners, we must admit that almost all hotels in Cambodia are of a very high level and have all modern facilities like compact irons and other devices. Many French people like to relax in Cambodia, and we all know that they would for sure prefer great luxury. Therefore be prepared that the greatest expenditure for your holidays in Cambodia will for sure be the hotel, as everything else is quite cheap and affordable and the last one is a good reason to visit Cambodia.

Reason 6. Variety of attractions

Cambodia is perfect if you want to visit the cozy and more deserted beaches that will distract you from the bustle of the city where you can enjoy the excellent climate. Moreover the variety of different water and land tours will keep you active during your vacation, and you will be able to see most picturesque views of your life.

But as traveller you also need not to forget such usufull devices as portable solar charger or personal fan. The first one provide you by electric energy in any place of the country and the second one will mitigate the hot of Cambodia.

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