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Terraces of Angkor

Elephant terraceAngkor in Cambodia is not only a giant temple complexes that comprises of temples, canals, towers and palaces of Angkor - it is also a terrace. About two of the most famous of them Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King we would like to talk about in this article. 

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The Tomb of Ta Keo

The Tomb of Ta KeoTa Keo - Introduction

Ta Keo is a temple-mountain. Its construction began during the reign of the king Jayavarman V, but it has never been completed. Therefore the modern touristic routs usually bypass this place, preferring to show the majestic temples of Angkor Watt and other. Though this place is not less majestic and amazing as the other ancient temples of Cambodia.  

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Pyramid of Death (Prasat Thom) – 2nd Part

Pyramid of Death (Prasat Thom) – 2nd PartThe area around Prasat Thom is a very scary and mystical place. Even the most courageous people can feel the unintentional tension and stress. The people of all ages, who decided to visit this place once entering the ancient city the core of which is the Temple of Death, feel the shivers down the spine. The organized tours do not usually include this place during the traveling around Cambodia, therefore only few people decided to visit the place on their own. 

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