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Battambang of Cambodia

Battambang of Cambodia"The place where the stick fell" this is the real translation of the name of the city Battambang, which is one of the largest city (in fact it is now on the 2nd place in terms of size) of the Kingdom of Cambodia. For such an exotic name Battambang is obliged to a very interesting legend. 


The story talks about a king who has lost his power, and woodcutter named Dambang who dared to throw a stick into the King. According to the legend, rebellious woodcutter made a special stick from a sacred tree named Kranong, so this had given him superhuman strength and additional power. Dambang was able to overthrow the king with the help of this stick. However, justice has been done, and some time later the son of the king, the young prince after hearing everything that happened here returned to his father's possessions. Woodman threw the stick into a prince, but unfortunately the woodcutter missed. The Prince took over the throne, and at the very place where the magic stick fell the city of Battambang was subsequently built. 

Battambang of CambodiaNowadays

Modern Battambang has preserved its ancient appearance. In the tourist routes that city has been included only recently. Though this city is not the party place, as mainly in this city and its surrounding areas the real lives of the people of Cambodia can be experienced. One of the very first places to visit is the French colonial quarter located along the picturesque banks of the river. Such a trip is a nice open-air museum, as you will be able to see the happy looking trading houses of merchants, old historical buildings, some of which are an example of a real architectural masterpiece. Here on the waterfront one can find a tiny museum called Battambang Provincial Museum. At this place one can see very interesting and just stunningly beautiful works of art made and preserved by the ancient Khmers.  

Video Of Modern Battambang:

Prasat Wat Ek Phnom

Prasat Wat Ek Phnom is the next place of your destination - it is a built in the eleventh century temple of the Angkor era. The temple is situated on some kind of a platform that is elaborately decorated with ornaments. Despite its old age, the ornament is quite well preserved. In a little distance to the ancient temple there is a modern pagoda which would be another great and interesting stop for all the tourists. Therefore we would suggest you to get to the temple by the river on a boat and enjoy the majestic beauty of the place.

Phnom Banan

The next point that you should visit is Phnom Banan. Phnom Banan is the eleventh century temple, and is built on a hill from which the tourists can witness amazing views. When you are visiting these temples, do not forget that one should not ware hat or shoes. Women should enter the temple only in the wear that has no open laps.

Camping Puoy

Replenish the treasury of experiences by visiting Camping Puoy, the so-called "Lake of tears" - an artificially created lake by the hands of the ancient Khmers. Above the waters rises the hill on top of which one can see another greatly beautiful temple. You can easily and freely climb to the top and see the beauty around you from the flight of a bird.

Battambang of Cambodia – 2nd Part

The easiest way to get to the city and the nearby area is by renting a car or motorcycle, the other option is to rent also a personal driver. These means are available almost everywhere. If you do not want to get for yourself your own transport, you can go on a tour to Battambang and its surrounding areas, using the world's only bamboo train. This train was originally intended for local villagers in order to help them transport the goods. Now the most usual users of the train are tourists, but local people can still be found there. During the trip you are allowed to stay on the platform from where it is possible to admire nice tropical landscapes.   

Video Of Bamboo Train:

The best way to get to the 2nd largest city of the country named Battambang is by water. Therefore a boat or a cutter is the easiest and most beneficial choice especially if you stay in Siem Reap. The price of the return ticket to this place is about $ 20. Such a trip is especially perfect for the profound tourists as it allows them to see the country from the "hidden side." The route goes first through a huge lake Tonle Sap, and then the Sangker river which is known for the old traditional houses on the stilts, or there are also floating homes of the fishermen families. During the rainy season the whole trip will take you about four hours and during the dry season there may be delays due to lower water levels in the river.

Battambang of Cambodia – 2nd PartMoney in Battambang

Local currency is Riel. Coins in Cambodia are not used. American dollars are in fact the "second currency". Prices in all the places are depicted in local currency and almost often are duplicated in dollars. The best option is to pay in the currency in which the seller presents you the price. It is more convenient to pay for small purchases in Riel.

Climate in Battambang

Battambang has a tropical, hot climate. The rainy season begins in June and lasts till October. At this time, the average temperature is about +31 C. Tropical rain is usually short. It suddenly starts with the pouring rain, continues for a few minutes from the sky pouring great streams of water, and then suddenly stops, having the sun greatly shining. However, there is a higher humidity during the rainy season. Therefore, the best time of the year when it is most beneficial to travel to this place is only in late October early November to February.   

Infrastructure of Battambang

Restaurants and cafes of Battambang are very versatile and offer mostly Asian cuisine, like Thai, Chinese, and of course Cambodian. National cuisine has a number of standing out features. Local people eat everything, absolutely everything, including all crawling, flying, jumping and swimming stuff, and it is not an exaggeration. In the city you can try such exotic food such as "a-ping" - fried spiders with different spices and salt and garlic, or also fried grasshoppers, clam meat snakes, which will be prepared at your presence. If you are not the lover of the insects and reptiles, you have an option to try a lot of new seafood. Many plants that are seen in Cambodia are eaten and added to the meals. Where else you can try sprouts of the water lilies and ficus? The core of the Cambodian cuisine is rice. It is made in hundred different ways: simply boiled rice, fried rice served with seafood, with seeds of different plants, with soybeans and even bananas. To try this entire splendor is possible in the best Battambang restaurant Phkay Proek.

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