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Cambodia City Angkor

Cambodia City AngkorIf you are an active person who is fond of great and majestic places, that with its fantastic atmosphere and views can take you far beyond the reality, then Cambodia city Angkor is one of those places that will truly make you speechless. It is a two hundred and thirty square kilometers structure that is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. Saying in more simple terms, the size of Cambodian city Angkor is greater than the current size of Amsterdam. Angkor is considered a complex that consists of two monuments. The history of the place traces back to the seventh century AD, to the times of the Khmer kings, who have built those majestic temples.

What is Angkor

Rightfully saying Angkor complex is considered to be the most mysterious places in Asia. It greatly surpasses the common touristic attractions of Europe and with its greatness can even compete with Borobudur in Indonesia and the Taj Mahal in India. Now it is difficult to assume what the people who were living in those times would feel, when seeing in front of them these huge monuments. We only know that about 150 years ago, when the French came across this place, they have found deep in the jungles more than on the 70 temples. Therefore currently this place is also usually called the eighth wonder of the world. Only the Egyptian pyramids could compare to this temples in the scale and the majestic atmosphere that they build in the neighboring area.

Cambodia City AngkorTourists from all the places of the world come here to see all the greatness of the Khmer Empire that once existed in this area. Angkor a little less than a century ago was the largest city in the world. Its population cannot even be compared to the number of inhabitants in the ancient cities such as Rome, Paris or London. The population of Cambodian city Angkor alone numbered in millions.

Many people have no idea where on the map of Cambodia Angkor city is situated. Do not worry, as they are virtually the same. The contemporary popularity to these places among tourists was driven after the premiere of the film "Lara Croft". With the popularity of it, the flow of tourists to these places has increased over the past few years in several times, and today to visit Angkor come more than two million tourists every year.

Angkor – a Ghost Town

Angkoris also usually called a ghost town, majorly because this great and huge place for sure keeps many secrets of the ancient times and its inhabitants. Tours to the ghost town are able to give a lot of impressions. A man enters the world of abandoned civilizations, feels the greatness of all past worlds and sees with his own eyes the diversity of the ancient city. You can visit the temple of Angkor Wat, which is considered one of the largest buildings in the world and has the form of a three-tier structure with a lot of transitions and stairs. Be sure to remember a visit to one of the first churches built – the Phnom Bakheng - the five-story building with a lot of towers.  

Another unique place is the citadel of the city - Angkor Thom, which is located in the center, surrounded by eight-meter high wall and a hundred-meter wide moat. The tour guides will lead you also to the Bayon temple, which is decorated with 52 towers, which are located at different levels and have different heights.

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