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Terraces of Angkor

Elephant terraceAngkor in Cambodia is not only a giant temple complexes that comprises of temples, canals, towers and palaces of Angkor - it is also a terrace. About two of the most famous of them Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King we would like to talk about in this article. 

Elephant terrace:

Location : Angkor Wat

Age:- about 800 years old.

Type of construction: Buddhist.

Length: about 300-320 meters.

Height: in various different places reaches from 1.5 to about 6 meters.

Width: in various different places ranges from 4 to 12 meters.

Number of entrances: five.

Number of platforms: three.

Ruler of Angkor during theconstruction: Jayavarman VII.

The architectural style and period: the 9th and last (Bayonne).


Ivory or Elephant Terrace official name is Terrace of the Elephants. Its size inspires involuntary respect. It is located in the Angkor complex and is decorated with two beautiful, steep stairs on the north side. All the space in front of Ivory Terrace is known as Royal Square.

The elephants are indeed here but they are not real, the arch is supported by several very old, stone elephants. Three-headed elephant sculpture at Angkor on the terrace is a majestic scene one should look at while visiting Angkor. The numerous bas-reliefs of the temples also have a number of elephant images depicted. In the terrace compositions is clearly visible an elephant with three heads and a giant lotus flower. Many of those images have a serious focus; they talk about military action and long-term wars of the ancient Khmers.

Kings have always been kings they needed splendor and attention and reverence. Elephant Terrace in Angkor played this very purpose to let the people worship the king from the ground, and let the King overlook his lands and his people from above.

Left and right square columns, supporting the dome, are standing on the backs of elephants. Upstairs there is a reception hall with solid gold window frames. Next to each column there was a large mirror. The throne of the King was place behind the golden curtain.

Terrace of the Leper King is located just behind the Ivory terrace. It's small, but it certainly is worth viewing, and it also has its own small secrets.  

Terrace of the Leper King:Terrace of the Leper King:

Location: Angkor Thom

Type of construction: a Buddhist.

Length: 25 meters (more precisely 24.6 meters).

Wall height: 6.8 meters.

Ruler of Angkor: Jayavarman VII (1125-1218).

The architectural style and period: the 9th and last (Bayonne).

In principle, the it is a vague notion, because it was rebuilt several times, each new king added something of his own, on top of what was left or what was cleaning by the previous ones.

Unlike the Ivory terraces which has the paintings with scenes of battles and wars, wall paintings here and bas-reliefs are more "light" depicting beautiful girls, goddess-dancers, musicians ...

Few people know, but between the two walls there is a passage with bas-reliefs. In other words it is a double wall, with a secret (well, now not so secret anymore) corridor. This corridor allows you to bypass it around. Inside is more interesting. It is very unusual, made with fancy bas-reliefs. There are hundreds, perhaps thousands of different pictures. Once you see them you become speechless for a moments as you realize how much work has been done. Planning to visit Terraces of Angkor, don't forget to take your camera and inexpensive portable printer to be able to print majestic pictures as soon as possible. To be sure that all these devices will be charged, you can also bring a portable solar battery charger.

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