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Cambodian New Year

Cambodian New YearNew Year in the Kingdom of Cambodia is considered to be the most important holiday in Cambodia is the Cambodian New Year. In the language of the Khmer the full name of the holiday sounds like Chaul Chnam. It is believed that in these days the spirits of God are descended to the earth. The celebration of this important day in the country lasts for three days, and in the Gregorian style is celebrated in April 13-14. Cambodian New Year is also marked by such an important event for the Khmers as the end of the harvest. Or it is also considered that this festival is dedicated to the beginning of the monsoon season in the South-Eastern part of the country. 

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Day of Vesak

Day of  VesakWhen you travel to Cambodia, you always want to dive into the culture of that new country you are exploring. The best way to see the great features of the culture is of course to become the participant of the national holiday or the local celebrations. Not a simple observer, but the participant, however, if you simply observe it is still good enough, but not as good as being personally involved into the action, the preparation, the after-party. The unique human spirit surrounds the atmosphere of the holiday and makes it special and memorable. Therefore, as a tourist, you should participate in the Day of Vesak.   

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Magha Puja in Cambodia

Magha Puja in Cambodia

The Origin

Cambodia is a country, where the elder people are getting additional respect from the society, because they have more knowledge and knowledge, as in all other Buddhist countries is greatly cherished in the society. Therefore, monks and temple workers are the sacred people not because anyone can get blessings from there, but because people get their knowledge, and it is believed that the sacred places were the ones, where Buddha’s ideas and believes appeared to him. As the visitor to this country with the great history, it is important for people to know that Buddha was one of the main personalities in their culture.  

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