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Flora and FaunaThe Climate of Cambodia

Cambodia is located in a tropical climate zone, so the country's climate is mainly humid and hot. In the capital of the kingdom - Phnom Penh, the average annual temperature here is about + 28 C and the average temperature of the coolest month (December) of about + 26 C. There are two main seasons for this: a very wet summer (most of the season) and relatively dry winter. This separation is due to the monsoons, which twice in a year change their direction. Starting from November to April, the monsoons bring to Cambodia from the mainland the flows of dry hot air, which almost do not have any precipitations. Moistening of various regions of the Kingdom of Cambodia is not the same. So Kravan Mountains (the local name of  Cardamom Mountains) and the area along the coast of the kingdom receive about 3000 mm of rainfall throughout the year, and the plain territories in turn are lucky to get from 750 to 1500 mm. It is because the duration of the dry period in the plains sometimes takes up to 6 months. 

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