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Cambodian New Year

Cambodian New YearNew Year in the Kingdom of Cambodia is considered to be the most important holiday in Cambodia is the Cambodian New Year. In the language of the Khmer the full name of the holiday sounds like Chaul Chnam. It is believed that in these days the spirits of God are descended to the earth. The celebration of this important day in the country lasts for three days, and in the Gregorian style is celebrated in April 13-14. Cambodian New Year is also marked by such an important event for the Khmers as the end of the harvest. Or it is also considered that this festival is dedicated to the beginning of the monsoon season in the South-Eastern part of the country. 

Christmas in Cambodia

There is also an interesting Christmas tradition in Cambodia. People go to temples and receive blessings from the priests. At the temple they recreate the hill of sand, decorated with five religious flags, which are the symbols of the five disciples of the Buddha. On this day the people of the country are turning to holy water, they sprinkle faces of each other in the morning with it, at noon the water their chests, and in the evening pour holy water on their feet. There is also a tradition to paint the water in different colors: blue, yellow, pink - these colors are a symbol of good luck in the coming year.

First Day of Cambodian New Year

Cambodian New YearThe New Year days also include the execution of a set of rituals. The three days of this holiday have their own feast day names. The first day is called Moha Sangkran. On this day, Cambodians purify and sanctify their homes, thus they try to prepare to meet the angels descend to earth. The idol of Buddha takes its place of honor - on the altar. It is decorated with flowers, candles, aromatic sticks, food and drinks. Local inhabitants also treat the monks and priests with the food that they have prepared on this day.

Second Day of Cambodian New Year

Vanabot is the name of the second day of the festival. On this day, people make donations, alms to the needy, and give gifts to the loved ones. You can also give some useful presents like a personal fan or a small portable iron to your friends or relatives. During this day or around this day at work the financial incentives and bonuses are also possible and more popular than during the other days of the year. You can even say that they are expected. 

Third Day of Cambodian New Year

The third day of the Cambodian New Year is called Leung Sakk. On this day, it's time to wash all the idols of Buddha with holy water, in the opinion of people in Cambodia; it should lead to rain and a good harvest for the coming year. This bathing ceremony is called Pithi Srang Preah. Younger revere the elders by washing their feet with holy water, in return they get their blessings from them.

After all kinds of religious activities people usually proceed to active games and fun, which is also an integral part of the celebration of the Cambodian New Year. A New Year in the Gregorian style is not considered a great holiday. It is celebrated more as a nod to modernity and world culture, and is no different from that of the New Year that we celebrate in Europe or US.

In Khmer tradition there are also many more minor customs associated with the Cambodian New Year holiday. One of the Christmas traditions is to wear new clothes during these days.

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