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Cambodian Sihanoukville

Cambodian SihanoukvilleSihanoukville or as often named by the local inhabitants Kampong Som, is not the other historic place of Cambodia, which can truly stun with its great structures and temples, today we are going to talk about the leisure side of Cambodia as we should not forget that Cambodia is also a place of great beaches. Sihanoukville is the name of the port city and is also a common name for the number of fantastic beaches covered with white fine and soft sand, its gorgeous virgin solo-standing islands, some of which are buried in the green tropical jungle, the most picturesque sunsets of the world and cool breezes at sunrise. 

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Cambodia City Angkor

Cambodia City AngkorIf you are an active person who is fond of great and majestic places, that with its fantastic atmosphere and views can take you far beyond the reality, then Cambodia city Angkor is one of those places that will truly make you speechless. It is a two hundred and thirty square kilometers structure that is one of the most breathtaking sights in the world. Saying in more simple terms, the size of Cambodian city Angkor is greater than the current size of Amsterdam. Angkor is considered a complex that consists of two monuments. The history of the place traces back to the seventh century AD, to the times of the Khmer kings, who have built those majestic temples.

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Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh

Some basic knowledge about Phnom Penh:

·         Phnom Penh - the capital of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

·         Largest city of the country

·         Population – 2,3 millions people

·         Location - south central part of the country

·         At a distance of 150 kilometers from the coast of the Gulf of Siam.

Previously, the city had a name Krong Chaktomuk, which means "City of four persons," because of the three rivers of the Mekong, Bassac and Tonle Sap, which cross the city in the form of the letter "X".  

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