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Cambodia National Park Bokor

Cambodia National Park Bokor·        Official title - Preah Monivong

·        Area - 1581 square kilometers

·        The entrance fee - $5

·        Open almost all year round

·        Built by French in 1920s

·         Especially known for Nepenthis flower, wild elephant and tigers.    

Bokor National Park is one of the most picturesque and wonderful places in the country. It is an area that is preserved from any harmful impact from the technological and people’s side. The highest point of the park is located at the 1100 meters above the sea level. There is a number of other mountains in the area, from which you can get really amazing views on the dense jungle. The jungle for this place is the core part of the park as it serves as a shelter for rare animals such as wild elephants, leopards, wild tigers, you can also meet here rare Asiatic black bears, or active gibbons and many others. Though do not bear in your mind that you will be able to see these unique animals while walking along the paths. They are eager to meet people and therefore try to stay away and live mainly in the deeper part of the Bokor, away from any annoying visitors.

Cambodia National Park BokorThe most sticking fact is that despite all the wonders and sites that Bokor offers, it itself might be of the most interesting for the travelers who are looking for adventure. The place has been able to keep the virgin jungles of the country, and once you enter them you find yourself surrounded by a melody of wild life and singing birds. Where the tree tops are saving the traveler from the unbearable sun heat, but at the same time offer a lot of secrets and hold within even more dangers. All of the mentioned above can sound just right for the extreme tourism, but at Bokor there are lots of sites that will be amazingly capturing for ordinary and relaxing travelers. Those lovers of wild nature should visit Waterfall Popokvil, that spreads cascades of pure crystal waters bubbling in the further jungle sites and the scattered around leftovers of the former village of the French colonists, found everywhere on the big territory of Bokor park.

Though the history of the place is not less surprising as its sites, until 1997, the park was not signed on any maps of Cambodia, even though it was found long before that time. This was mainly due to the fact that with the power of Khmer Rouge the bloody wars came to these places, and it was on the territory of this unique Bokor park were the fiercest battles took place. The great territory of the national park just like the whole country of Cambodia was mined. Naturally, there are no maps or cards which would show at least some facts about the Pol Pot's mad plans of the mining areas. Rumor say that these documents do not even exist, as the Khmer Rouge leader, after caught by Vietnamese did not expect to leave the lands of the park alive. Therefore even up till now the territory of the Park is quite dangerous as many mines are still not found, and noone known how many there were, and therefore the wild nature still remain the deadly danger within its beauties and wonders. Of course, this does not include the main routes, as especially for the tourists these areas have been cleaned long time ago.  

Stay Cautious:

No matter that for the demining works of the National Park lots of people sacrifice their time and safety, and even though the authorities claim that tourists routs are now 100% clean of any mines, it is strongly recommended to stay cautious while visiting this place go via the shown paths and routes.

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